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Commercial Keyless Locks

Local Avondale, AZ businesses that use keyless locks are “on to something!” It’s this – you can do away with many of your firm’s keys and the problems that come with them by switching to or adding keyless locks. Here at Avondale Locksmith Stars we’ve known this for a while. That’s why our licensed, bonded and insured commercial locksmiths provide this much needed hardware. Keyless locks have been providing businesses with convenience, security and ease of use for many years, not only here in Avondale, but all over the world.

What are keyless locks?

No mystery here; keyless locks are just locks with no keys! At first, this seems unreal. How can you have locks with no keys? In actuality, the key is replaced by something else, like a keypad, combination dial, swipe card, remote, or even a thumbprint. So in essence; keys are done away with but in reality, the lock is still able to be opened and sealed.

Why even bother?

If you think about it, keys and locks have been used together for thousands of years. Even tombs and temples in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia used various forms of locks and keys. An old adage says something to the effect “if it works; don’t fix it!” and at first glance, you might think that this is true. Upon closer look, keyless entry was invented not because the old ways of using locks and keys was ineffective; it just offered an improvement to something already working.

Remember your primary school custodian? Like most, he could always be heard coming down the hall due to all the jingling of his many keys. You couldn’t fault him however, he needed them! If you consider that he needed keys to classrooms, closets, offices, gym, cafeteria, restrooms, front and back doors and lounges, it’s not hard to visualize (and sympathize) with him. In many schools today, this problem has been tackled by using either a master key system or various forms of keyless entry.

Some keyless entry benefits

Keyless entry can help local businesses whether they are here in Avondale, AZ or anywhere else in the country. Better key access and control is never a bad thing and once you dispense with actual keys altogether, you can start fresh with keyless entry and eliminate lost keys, broken keys, key extraction needs and key duplication problems all at once.

Say that you have multiple employees and each one has a key to your office or store. If any one of them loses a key or has it stolen, your commercial location is at risk. The same reasoning also applies to desk keys, office keys and storage room keys; key control is always good to have and often hard to maintain. Now with keyless locks, all you have to do is give the employee a number sequence or badge. When this is entered into the keypad or swiped, access is granted, if valid. No more lugging around extra keys or worry about leaving them at home or in a public place.

Disadvantages of keyless entry

Like anything else, keyless entry has both pros and cons. One of the biggest disadvantages to not having keys is that number sequences can be forgotten or accessed by others when written down and kept track of carelessly. Keypads and keys alike share another problem - unauthorized access at times. If you want better control over who is accessing what, you will need to back up your authorization with something else, like video surveillance to make sure that the person accessing is really the one that is supposed to.

How safe is keyless entry?

While nothing is fool proof, keyless entry is relatively safe. Sometimes, our Avondale locksmiths are asked about number sequence security. Incidents like these involve unauthorized people finding your written-down code, codes entered into the keypad randomly by unauthorized parties, and forgotten codes that are entered by the staff member wrongly. Not to worry – there are safeguards in place for all of these things. A person just can’t stand outside your shop and enter number after number until he randomly finds the right one. Much like keyless entry on cars, commercial keyless entry systems will block access after too many tries and lock the person out. Lighted keypads are used in business applications so that users don’t hit the wrong numbers by accident due to not being able to see. If combinations or number sequences are forgotten, new ones can easily be issued with no problem.

Badges and swipe cards

It’s so much easier to wear your employee badge pinned to your shirt pocket or hanging around your neck as opposed to carrying around a set of keys. These badges are often also used as identification cards that can contain a computer chip with employee data contained on it. Some badges can be swiped through the card reader and others held up to it to be recognized. Many call centers and banks use these swipe cards in addition to keypad devices and number sequences. Other forms of keyless entry include biometric systems (fingerprint locks), voice recognition, card readers and FOB keys.

Ease of use

Upgrading to commercial keyless locks can be cost effective, convenient, and easy to do. Simply call our shop or your favorite Avondale, AZ locksmith and have your technician look over your operation fully. There are many factors to consider; inventory, staff, customers, building layout and traffic flow. Each firm is different and has unique security needs and wants. You’ll want to work with someone that offers free price quotes and round the clock emergency service if needed. Every type of local business can benefit from switching to or adding keyless entry systems to their location. A few examples include high rise luxury condos, hospitals, nursing homes, restaurants, banks, grocery stores, laundromats, car dealers, apartment rentals, medical clinics, call centers, private schools and so many more. If you are thinking of replacing some or all of your locks, why not take advantage of the opportunity to upgrade to commercial keyless entry?